Enjin Art and Sculpture

Where Creativity Blends with Engineering Mastery

Enjin Art and Sculpture

Where Creativity Blends with Engineering Mastery
Enjin Metal Art & Sculpture

Elevating Moments:
Art beyond measure

Step into Enjin Art and Sculpture – a captivating blend of innovation and creativity.

Guided by artist and engineer Rob, Enjin Art and Sculpture embodies the fusion of art and engineering. With mastery, Rob transforms discarded tools and recycled materials into captivating sculptures that redefine aesthetics, merging form with function. Elevating your space’s beauty while promoting sustainability, each piece tells a story.
More than objects, Rob’s creations capture cherished memories.

Commemorate milestones and celebrate achievements with Enjin Art and Sculpture – where art meets life.

Awards & Trophies

Embrace success with distinction. Rob’s custom-sculpted trophies transcend the ordinary, celebrating achievements with a touch of individuality. Collaborate with Rob to craft an award tailored to your event’s essence.

Plaques and Signs

Transform stories into art. Rob’s bespoke sculptures double as commemorative plaques, symbolising the significance of places and moments. Whether it’s a mancave sign or a tribute to a milestone, his creations capture the essence of your narrative.

Let's get artsy!

Embrace the artistry, bring your unique vision to life, and create an environment that truly speaks to you.

The beauty of character

Immerse yourself in the allure of time’s embrace. Rob’s pieces bear the marks of history, each line and texture narrating tales of resilience. This aesthetic journey embodies ‘Dieselpunk,’ a captivating sibling of ‘Steampunk.” With an air of mystery and adventure, these designs transport you to an era between the world wars, where innovation took root amidst grit and grace.

Enjin Metal Art & Sculpture - unique pieces

Explore a Gallery of Dreams

Welcome to Retro Futuristic Art and Sculpture, a haven where imagination knows no bounds. Behold the meticulous fusion of Sci-Fi inspiration, architectural grandeur, and the mechanical finesse of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. You’ll find a symphony of innovation and nostalgia within these creations, crafted from the heart of a Puny Earthling.

“Each sculpture is a testament to my lifelong affair with engineering marvels and my passion for breathing life into the mundane. From Rayguns that beckon cosmic adventures to creatures echoing Earth’s diversity, every piece resonates with the spirit of exploration.”

Otherworld Vehicles & Vessels

Traverse galaxies through intricately detailed vessels that defy gravity and convention.

Rayguns & Blasters

Unleash your inner explorer with meticulously crafted tools of the imagination, each a portal to uncharted realms.

Mechanimals & Machines

Witness a menagerie of mechanical beings, alive with movement and character, inviting you to ponder their untold stories.

Earth-inspired Homage

Captured within each sculpture is a tribute to the breathtaking variety of life forms that call our planet home.

Let your dreams take shape

Experience the magic firsthand at our gallery nestled in Tauranga, New Zealand. Each creation is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation resulting from relentless passion and artistic finesse.

In the words of the Creator:

“With a lifelong passion for engineering, I’ve always been drawn to the designs of vintage machinery, especially vehicles, and the industrial aesthetics of the 1930s to 1950s. This fascination with the past meets the future in my work, where I blend this retro industrial style with a touch of science fiction, creating what I call “Retro Futuristic” art under the Enjin Brand.

I take pride in crafting pieces that are as authentic as they look, avoiding excessive filler or layers of paint. Though I must admit, I do embrace paint on occasion.

Most of my “Rayguns” feature functional triggers, switches, knobs, and dials. Similarly, many of the machines and “mechanimals” have movable parts that add an interactive element to the art.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t always take myself too seriously, and you’ll find that my art often shares that sentiment.

If you have a project in mind, an old car part you can’t bear to part with but want to transform into a unique piece of art suitable for your living space, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s turn your ideas into reality together!”

Rob Murdoch
Artist & Engineer