Custom Interior Hardware

Discover the alluring charm of custom-made interior hardware that effortlessly elevates your living space.

Custom Interior Hardware

Discover the alluring charm of custom-made interior hardware that effortlessly elevates your living space.

custom interior door hardware - pull rings

Embrace the artistry of personalised craftsmanship, as each piece is meticulously designed to complement your unique style and enhance the beauty of your home. Whether you seek a modern or retro vibe, Rob’s custom-made interior hardware will enhance any space.

Whether you’re looking for custom brackets for shelving, unique drawer pulls and knobs, stylish robe hooks and hangers, or anything else, talk to Rob about your design ideas.

custom interior hardware - copper handles

A unified style

There is no need to put up with mismatched finishes or styles from multiple suppliers – Rob can make everything match! He offers custom-made interior hardware that perfectly blends design, material, and finishes for a unified aesthetic that enhances the beauty of your living space.

Built to last

Rob will design and build based on the job, using robust materials and construction practices. Everything he manufactures is up to the task and designed to last.

Fully customisable sizes

Need hardware outside the “standard” sizes or shapes offered by retailers? No problem! Rob can make hardware to suit your needs and your space. Big, small, wide, narrow – whatever you require.

Let's start fitting out your hardware!

Ready to elevate your hardware from generic to gorgeous? Contact Copper to Chrome today and discover the endless possibilities.
custom interior hardware - brass shelving brackets
Our custom-built interior hardware can be designed to suit your space and aesthetic. Plus, each item is designed to be fit for purpose based on your needs.

4 Great ideas for custom-made interior hardware


Custom brackets for shelving

Custom, handcrafted brackets are visually stunning and offer practical benefits. With custom brackets, you can enhance the durability and functionality of your shelving, ensuring that it can effortlessly hold heavy objects and withstand everyday wear and tear. Plus, Rob’s brackets are designed to complement your unique style perfectly. Say goodbye to generic shelving and elevate your interior design with custom-made brackets from Copper to Chrome.


Drawer pulls & knobs

Custom-made drawer pulls and knobs offer a unique touch to your living space that mass-produced alternatives can’t replicate. Not only do they elevate the aesthetic appeal of your drawers and cabinets, but they also provide a sense of exclusivity and individuality. You can select from various materials, finishes, and styles, ensuring your custom drawer pulls and knobs align perfectly with your desired theme or decor.


Robe hooks and hangers

There’s no need to settle for generic big-box store hooks around your home. Elevate any room with Copper to Chrome’s custom hooks and hangers to showcase your unique style. Now, you can enjoy functional convenience and still make a statement. Utility does not have to be boring!

Kitchen hangers & pot racks

Tired of stacking pots and pans in a cupboard? Say goodbye to clutter with a set of custom-designed pot hangers and shelves. Expertly crafted, pot hangers and shelves are not only functional but also visually appealing. Made from high-quality materials, they provide a durable and stylish solution for organising your kitchen.

Discover custom kitchen features

Transform your kitchen with custom metal features like rangehood covers or splashbacks. Add elegance and textural detail to your kitchen.