On this page you can see a small sample of gate designs which are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of the individuality you can express with the first thing that greets visitors to your ‘slice of paradise’ or to the business that supports you way of life.
Given there are very few (and sometimes) no rules surrounding what kind of gates you choose to adorn the front of your property it’s an exciting design prospect for Rob here at Copper to Chrome to be faced with!  Your starting point is always a good foundation, in this case a sturdy post to attach your gate to and this it’s self can be an opportunity to express your choice!

Whether in Steel, Aluminium, Stainless or a mix of metals your gate can be as mild or wild as you choose! For instance: Copper embossed panels can be a part of your gate, meaning you can have a family crest or similar to admire for many years to come.
Think about what you would decide upon as an entrance gate and chances are it can be done!

Fitting of your gate can be done by Rob or you may wish to do this yourself as Rob is happy in all aspects of customers work to do as much or as little as required.

One last thing – if you like the idea of wooden gates but require a strong and stable frame Rob is able to build just this part for you if needed.

“Not too many things can make such a strong personal statement of who you are as effectively and inexpensively as the entrance gates to your property.”

Pretty and Practical

Gates have a job to do but they don’t have to look like they are off a prison!
Give your gates some design flair! Have them custom engineered to suit your home.