Custom Work
Sometimes the nature of a job means that a feature has to be a ‘one off’ Such as door and wall claddings, fireplace surrounds, door step covers or embossed signs just to name a few.
Features like claddings can often be a less expensive option when it comes to dressing up your home.

Copper is popular because of it’s timeless beauty and ease of colour variations possible when it has had it’s surface treated.

Brass can also be coloured in a similar fashion and both metals can take on colouration ranging from golden through to deep browns and even black. Verdigris blue / green is also readily achievable for that ancient look.

Aluminium can be use for a Mid Century or Industrial theme, Stainless for a Contemporary look and Steel can be treated to give a very Rustic effect.

Structural items can be produced as well: items such as Steel beams for construction, garden arbour frames, doorway canopies or carry frames for utilities and trailers.

Repairs and modifications to parts can of course also be carried out.

In the vast amount of situations these types of jobs can be done without having to have technical drawings to achieve the desired result.

A bespoke range hood made of Copper and powder coated for a interesting finish. This turns a functional kitchen piece into a beautiful addition to this kitchen renovation.


Rob has spent time as a qualified mechanic and has a keen interest in classic and hot rod vehicles and is happy to produce components for customers so they can achieve that one off look to personalise their pride and joy.

Something Special

Need something out of the ordinary?
We can custom design and build just about anything – give us a call!