How do you add a little design flair in a situation where most people have none?
The answer is as simple as using stylish support brackets to hold that shelf, work top, bathroom vanity or even the Man bench – oops I mean BBQ bench!

Talk to Rob about the many easy ways to add a great design accent to the sometimes almost mundane additions to a room.

You can add a touch of colour while you’re at it! Also a bracket can have a dual use – to hang something else on or to mount an item on (particularly in the kitchen or workspace.)

Brackets can be made of Stainless, Aluminium or powder coated Steel and there are a huge range of colours available.

Shown here also are brackets designed to hold hammock chairs. To date Rob has sold over 100 of these.

Maybe it’s time to see what else you can move from the floor to a perfect position on a wall – the Kayak? the bike? or maybe that treasured Surf or Skate board.

“Support brackets available at most hardware stores are virtually lacking in any design thought. Custom brackets can compliment your space, rather than simply providing cold functionality”

Beautiful Brackets

Brackets can be more than just functional.
Talk to us about custom designed brackets that match your decor.