If you are in need of a full Balustrade or even just a single handrail, Rob can manufacture and install any metal components needed.
Copper to Chrome has produced balustrades in Steel, Aluminium and Stainless as well as handrails in the previous metals and Brass Bronze and Copper.

Whether the application is interior or exterior, a new build or a renovation you can be assured of a job well done at an affordable price.  There are literally hundreds of designs possible for Balustrades so as long as the final design adheres to the pesky bylaws even the very unusual can be achieved!

Rob will work with you to achieve the desired outcome for your project without the costs of expensive design work.  You will not only get personal attention but also excellent service and communication as well as great quality materials and construction.

Contact Rob and he will personally work with you to ensure you get just the safest, securest and of course most attractive Balustrade possible.

“Rob is very easy to deal with and you won’t need a great understanding of engineering terms as he ensures to explain everything in a down to earth way.”

More than safe

Safety doesn’t have to be boring!
Talk to Copper to Chrome about custom designed Balustrades for your home or workplace.